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April 2020 Ukulele News

Dear Ukulelian, I can't imagine what quarantine would be like without my ukulele. Playing and singing with others is one of the greatest joys that I have found in life. I've been relying on my ukulele to remind me of the joy that awaits on the other side of this pandemic. Keep that ukulele close by, my friend. It'll help keep you focused on something other than the endless news stream and politics and the yearning to hang out with your friends once again ... and to grocery shop without feeling like you're taking your life in your hands. If there's one thing I know about ukulelians, we always look on the bright side of life. So classes are on again ... online, that is, via Zoom. Also, I've put together a 15-minute play-along YouTube video of some Ukulele Shenanigan favorites. Keep that ukulele going and you'll spark yourself some joy during these isolating days.  Classes Levels 1 and 2 are happening! It's going to be several weeks before it's really safe for us all to gather together in person, so, for now, I'll see you in my streams! If you're thinking of recommending a course to someone who doesn't have a ukulele, they are available through local music stores (please support them!) - they'll ship or sometimes offer curbside pickup. The music store page also lists the only online source (besides local shops) that I trust to order a uke from. Don't forget to get a tuner, too! This is a hard time for all of us and I'm keeping the fee as low as I can during this time when many of us are in precarious financial straits. If you have trouble affording the class, let's talk before you count yourself out, via email or phone: 802-922-3616.  Click on the course name for dates and times. Get a group of friends together and we can set up a class just for you! Level 1 starts from scratch, ukulele-style. You don't need any musical experience at all. Or you could just be looking for a nice brush-up on the basics. Either way, we'll have fun while learning how to hold the uke, strum it, make chords smoothly and efficiently, and put it all together into playing songs. You'll have learned everything you need to know to play your first song right in that first class. This class is for adults 18+.  Level 2 starts where Level 1 left off. We'll work on a more steady and stronger strum, we'll learn more chords, we'll learn some techniques to help you add texture to your playing, we'll dabble with a little fingerpicking, learn to jam, and more playing and singing! This class is for adults 18+. Private lessons will give you material that fits your own goals, whether you're just starting out or wanting to grow your abilities. Got a song that's giving you a gnarly time? Have you been wanting to get a particular skill down, like fingerpicking? We can meet online for a fun but focused lesson. Private lessons are available for kids, too! Ukulele Clare hits YouTube!  The new Ukulele Clare YouTube channel has ONE WHOLE video up! Yep, Rebecca Padula and I hammed it up for about 15 minutes of playing some of our faves. Chords and lyrics pop right up on the video to make it easy for you to play and sing along with. Subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell if you want to get an alert when I post the next mini-Shenanigan. Also, let me know in the comments section what songs you want us to include in upcoming episodes. We'll get through this and sometime soon we'll be laughing and playing and singing together once again. Stay home, stay well, and always keep that ukulele by your side!



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