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Content creation: Raising the profiles of people, places, and businesses

My specialty is putting your product, program, and purpose into the mind’s eye (and ears and hands) of your target audience. I help people and businesses communicate their unique offerings to their target audiences. I help create stories, promotions, and informational content and wield the tools needed to add the visuals.


I have been a writer since I wrapped my fist around my first No. 2 pencil, and now as a marketer, blogger, journalist, teacher, poet, musician, dreamer. Where I go, my back-pocket notebook goes. My writing has appeared in publications such as Lonely Planet, The Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine, Bark Magazine, Budget Travel, and a slew of newsletters, press releases, web pages, blogs, reviews, brochures, a travel app, and inbound marketing campaigns. Visit my portfolio to see some samples.


Project Management – I’m a master juggler when it comes to getting projects done on time, to spec, and within budget.
– Real-world scheduling to produce print material to promotions
– Wrangling multiple players to accomplish a common goal
– Evaluating vendors
– Hands-on follow-through


Production – I use a variety of tools to create marketing and promotional tools on Mac and PC platforms.
– Page layout: InDesign, QuarkXPress, Pagemaker, iStudio
– Image manipulation: Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp
– Office tools: Word, Excel


Certified marketing geek – A raft of experience isn’t the only thing that keeps my skills sharp and relevant in a whirlwind of a marketing landscape. I seek out conferences and workshops that make a difference in what I can offer.

Drop me a line and let’s chat about your project! 

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