Group ukulele and harmonica workshops

We all learned the importance of playing well with others in kindergarten -- in fact, we count on those early lessons to engender a more fun, lively, and creative organizational culture. You and your group or team can have a great time reinforcing those early lessons with a light-hearted workshop focused on learning how to play the ukulele or harmonica.


Learning how to play an instrument reinforces an array of critical skills that result in strong teams: listening, following, leading, helping each other, and developing an intuition that enables you to synchronize and blend your playing or actions with those of others. Along the way, we’ll laugh with each other as we approach learning the instrument and strengthening personal bonds.


You and your group don’t need to know anything about music. You don’t even need to consider yourself ‘musical’ to learn to play the ukulele or harmonica. After all, the operative word here is “play.” If you’ve ever sung along with the radio or performed shower karaoke, then you are more than qualified. 


Here's what your team will learn in a 1-hour ukulele session:

  • How to strum along to a song’s rhythm

  • How to use hand and arm dynamics for smooth flow among chords

  • How to form four chords that used in thousands of songs

  • The know-how to learn more chords and songs on their own

  • The skills and awareness to help participants play well with others in a sing-along/strum-along setting, like a gathering of friends, family, or co-workers


In the 1-hour harmonica session, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to hold the harmonica to get that iconic tone

  • How to create single notes and string them together into a familiar melody

  • How to create the iconic ‘wah-wah’ and train sounds

  • The skills and awareness to help you play well with others in a sing-along/strum-along setting, like a gathering of friends, family, or co-workers


These workshops are anything but cookie-cutter teambuilding sessions. I’ll work with you to shape this workshop into more of a “playshop” that achieves your specific goals, at a time and budget that works for you. 


Here are some format options:

  • One-time workshops

  • Mini-series to delve more deeply into technique and skill

  • Employee or team appreciation gift

  • The team session can culminate in a company event sing-along/strum-along event


Ukuleles and harmonicas available for purchase. Quantity discounts available.

Ukuleles available for rent for the duration of the workshop. 


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