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Stories: Travel pieces, features, and book reviews 

Squint at anything long enough and the story angles come flying out faster than you can catch ’em. Here are a few I succeeded in catching for publications such as Yankee Magazine, The Boston Globe, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Plymouth County Business Magazine, Green Energy Times, Curve Magazine, and more. I don't have PDFs for some stories - they are represented here as they appeared in the publication, verbatim.

Not just horsin’ around in Fort Worth, Texas (Boston Globe)
The cowboy is still king in the Fort Worth Stockyards (Boston Globe)
Route Verte lets things roll around Quebec country (Boston Globe)

More available upon request.


Book reviews 
The Gods Drink Whiskey (Boston Globe)
Italy Out of Hand (Boston Globe)
The Photographer’s Guide to Vermont (Boston Globe)


Blogs and op-eds, and newsletters 

There’s joy, science, and community in making music. I teach ukulele and perform as uke, dobro, kazoo, harmonica, shaker, and spoon player for the band Leadfoot Louise. I also ruminate on music-making on my blog  at


Helping mission-based organizations stand out is a specialty of Burlington, Vermont-based Marketing Partners, where I worked as a writer, designer, and occasional blogger:
Green Swag: Tips for keeping your Logo Out of the Landfill
Storytelling Tools to Help Your Target Audience See WIIFM
Blogging Tips for the One-Person Marketing Team
Design Project Management Tips and Tools

How to save money working with a marketing agency


Retail promotion 

As Senior Writer for Eastern Mountain Sports, my job was to write gear descriptions and info that would inspire customers to get the gear and get outside. Here's a sampling of my work:

Informational product brochures

Sales flyers


Looking for more? Drop me a line!

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