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Host a workshop in your home!


Here’s how to keep your ukulele practice going AND participate in free classes and lessons: Host a workshop or play-along concert in your home!

I find that the biggest challenge is finding a place to offer in-person classes. If you host a workshop or play-along concert in your home, not only does that cut down on your commute, but you also get to participate for free, and you get a free private half-hour lesson!

  • Minimum number of non-household participants: 4
    (Minimum may be higher for locations outside of Chittenden County, VT)

  • Workshop length: 1.5-hours

  • Details: Drop me a line at or call (802) 922-3616


Here's a sampling of workshops - feel free to imagineer one of your own:

  • Fingerpicking 101: Learn fingerpicking basics to add fun texture to your tunes and play those instrumentals that you love.

  • Deep dive song workshop: Learn how to coax emotion, nuance, and your own flavor out of your favorite songs.

  • Find your strumming groove: Break out of the down-up-down-up and learn how to respond to the groove of a song.

  • Sing and play workshop: It's not easy at first to sing and make chords and strum all at the same time! We'll simplify it and understand how to connect it all to smooth out those rough spots.

  • Tropical Strum Tune-Up: This is the strum that can free you to respond intuitively to a song's rhythms.

  • Learn to play the harmonica: Sometimes, it's fun to put the uke down and toot a song out on the harmonica!

  • .... and so many more options - let's talk about what YOU would like to do. Drop me a line at or call (802) 922-3616

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