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Sing-Along Programs

Let's sing!


We are wired to sing together. I'm sure you've felt it, too: That sweet sense of community when we croon a tune as one. If you're looking for a song leader around a campfire, at a company event, a party a senior living community, home visit, or anywhere you can gather in song, I can create a program that engages your participants.


Current sing-along program themes include:

  • A fun mash-up of genres for all ages See all those categories below? We'll choose songs from a fun list that includes them all!

  • Kids tunes Great fun for toddlers on up to dance and sing along with. 

  • A sing-along ramble through the history of the ukulele A fun expedition in song, through the history of the ukulele, from Portugal to Hawaii to Vermont. Includes classic favorites from the 1900s to now.

  • Songs of love and friendship Let's get to the heart of the matter: Songs of love and friendship can really brighten a cloudy day. We'll croon favorite tunes from the 1900s to now that celebrate connection, joy, and each other.

  • Bluegrass/Country Hoe-Down We'll whoop it up with a fun selection of old toe-tappin', sing-alongin' favorites that can break your heart, mend it up, and help you celebrate the ups and downs and side-wayses of life! 

  • Cabin-Fever Sing-Along  Are you ready to climb the walls? There's nothing like a roster of light-hearted tunes to keep your sanity relatively intact.

  • Today, We're All Irish! Drinking songs, lullabies, love songs ... they're all here in a rousing session of favorite tunes from the Emerald Isle.

  • It's Island Time! We'll take a tropical vacation with island-style favorites.

  • Holiday Gatherings When winter comes, many traditions celebrate the spirit of kindness that moves within our hearts. Let's join our voices in songs that lend voice to your traditions.

  • Got a theme you'd like me to create a program for? Let's talk!

"Thank you so much for the beautifully wrangled ukulele strum- and sing-along event .... Your tact and talent were equally impressive, and I think all in attendance enjoyed themselves!" --- South Burlington Public Library

"Clare Innes has brought joy and music to our community. It’s been wonderful to see folks getting excited about playing songs together. I hired Clare to teach both ukulele and harmonica lessons, and she’s been a fun and patient instructor, great at adapting lessons to our residents’ own unique needs. Playing music is a great way to build community, boost self-esteem and build a healthy mind, body, and spirit." --- Activities Coordinator, Cathedral Square Senior Living

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