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General Store: Ukuleles, harmonicas & accessories

Give the gift of ukulele lessons, classes, and workshops!

Help a loved one connect with their inner ukulelian with a gift certificate to a class, workshop, jam session, or private lesson. Send an email to and we can get a gift certificate into your hands lickety-split!

On-Demand Workshops


In this lighthearted, workshop, we'll explore vocal tools used by the pros and use our ukuleles to help us find the melody and rhythm of a song, using "Country Roads" as our working song. Vocal teacher Jody Albright joins Ukulele Clare and Rebecca Padula in this special class where we’ll explore a variety of techniques, identify our vocal ranges, see how easy it is to change the key of a song to match different vocal ranges … and we’ll learn what the heck a key is! 

- Loosen up with some physical and vocal warmups
- Learn how your breath can better support your singing
- Identify your vocal range and learn how to change song keys to match it
- Tune your voice and ear to the melody notes in a song
- Practice coordinating singing and playing the ukulele
- Get access to the class video for a full year

You will get the most out of this class if you can maintain a steady basic strum and switch among the following chords with ease: C, C7, Dm, F, and G.

Led by Jody Albright, a vocalist who enjoys singing many styles of music and especially loves to improvise. She is also a voice instructor and circle-singing leader. She has been performing and teaching since the 1980s. Jody has always been especially interested in helping people 'find their voice' and discover the joy of singing. She holds a Master’s degree in music from the New England Conservatory in Boston.

Hosted by "Ukulele Clare" Innes, who has taught hundreds of students to play the ukulele; and singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rebecca Padula. 

$30 - Includes class packet and access to YouTube video, and progress towards your singing goals!

Ukuleles, harmonicas and accessories

For the best selection, I encourage you to visit a local music store, such as Randolin in Shelburne or Recycled Reading in Bristol, VT. My number one online recommendation is Mim's Ukes. For tips on how to wrap your head around shopping for a uke, this blog post is a good starting point.

Soon this General Store page will reflect the current inventory and what I have available for my students to purchase or rent at live, in-person classes. I can help set you (and your favorite ukulelian) up with what you need to sing your favorite songs. Drop me a line at and let's talk ukes!

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