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The Field Guide to Ukulele Chords

Take a look at any good chord chart and you'll find a hair-raising number of chords. Fear not! You need only three or four for many of your favorite tunes. But barely hanging on for the ride feeds your soul for only so long before your desire to dig deeper takes hold. 

THAT's when the magic begins.

In this guide, we'll get a good, running start on learning about the chords you'll need to be a more nimble player -- a player who can grasp a new chord quickly, among other delicious skills. Rest assured: It's not rocket surgery.


This page is for those who visualize themselves as players who don't want to be limited by a glass ceiling of unknown chords holding them back from being able to jump in and play their favorite songs. Such badassery isn't limited to those who already know how to play; it's in YOU, right now. Let's do this.

What will follow is a series of explorations into what the heck chords are and how to use them to help improve your playing skills. Subscribe for updates

What is a chord? [And why you should care?]

Knowing what a chord is, and which notes are in it, helps you tease out more emotion and color and texture in a song, bringing it closer to how the song makes you feel in your heart, not just in your ears.
Take a look at what chords are are, and why you should care.

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