Ukulele classes and workshops

You don't have to be a musician to learn to play the ukulele. It's easier than most instruments to learn and you'll gain an ability that will color your world. Classes for beginners explore the basics. For those who want to kick their playing up a notch, we'll have fun delving into more technique in skill builder classes.

Harmonica classes

The harmonica is easy to learn and can accompany you everywhere. Play it regularly and you'll actually enjoy some respiratory health benefits! Check out group and private harmonica class options and you'll be rooty-toot-tooting in no time.

Ukulele Shenanigans, programs, and performances

  • Ukulele Shenanigans are fun sing-and-strum gatherings for all levels. It's always a hoot and a chance to meet other ukulelians. 

  • Ukulele programs offer themed or customized sing-along events or lessons for parties, businesses, senior living facilities, or other venues looking for a frolic of a time for customers, residents, and staff.

  • Leadfoot Louise is an unconventional Americana string band that plays a wide range originals and old favorites, drawing from across a slew of genres. Featuring Rebecca Padula on vocals, guitar, banjo, and ukulele, Ukulele Clare on -- you guessed it -- ukulele! She also adds a dab of dobro and harmonica to the mix. Dan Wyman saws away on his fiddle, and special guests sometimes add some extra spice to the mix.

Private lessons

Sign up for one or a series of private lessons for adults or kids (or both!). Lessons customized for you, your posse, your child, and (best of all) you and your child!

Group workshops

Drill more deeply into fingerpicking, strums, or just getting those favorite tunes down.

Sing-along programs

When everybody joins together in song, fun and magic happens. Choose from an existing theme or request one for your gathering, program, team, or event!

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