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Ukulele classes and workshops

You don't have to be a gifted musician to learn to play the ukulele. It's easier than most instruments to play and we'll laugh and learn together. Classes for beginners explore the basics. For those who want to kick their playing up a notch, we'll have fun delving into more technique in skill builder classes. Ukulele Shenanigans are fun sing-and-strum gatherings for all levels. It's always a hoot and a chance to meet other ukulelians.

Harmonica classes

The harmonica is easy to learn and can accompany you everywhere. Play it regularly and you'll actually enjoy some respiratory health benefits! Check out group and private harmonica class options and you'll be rooty-toot-tooting in no time.

Ukulele programs and performances

  • Ukulele programs offer themed or customized sing-along events or lessons for parties, businesses, senior living facilities, or other venues looking for a frolic of a time for customers, residents, and staff. When everybody joins together in song, fun and magic happens.

  • Ukulele Clare as a solo, duo, or multi-o performance! A lighthearted foray, featuring songs from many genres. We can build a performance around your audience and event.

Private lessons

Sign up for one or a series of private lessons, customized for your playing goals.

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