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Music Essentials for Ukulele Players

Tools to help you become a better player

A deeper understanding of the basic concepts underlying the music you’re playing can help you break through to a new level. In this light-hearted, introductory workshop, we’ll turn basic music theory into practical insights that you can apply now to your favorite songs.

This class is intended for ukulele players of all levels, with easily understood concepts as well as more complex ideas that you can grow into as you develop as a ukulelian. Bring your questions!

Our fearless guide, Jane Miller, is a Berklee College of Music professor, composer, performer, author, and sparkling soul with an uncanny knack for lifting the hood on the musical engine that drives every song, and making it relatable. Hosted by Ukulele Clare and singer/songwriter Rebecca Padula.

We’ll cover:

  • What is a key? How ‘bout a scale?
    The notes in a melody arise from a song’s scale. A key is a way of organizing this information. Knowing how this works can improve your ability to play with others in a jam, find harmonies, write songs, make chords, transpose to a key that’s better for YOU, and more.

  • What’s up with minor and seventh chords?
    Veering from major chords allows us to add emotion and flavor to a song. We’ll see where they fit in, how they’re made, and how to experiment with other chord substitutions.

  • What the I  IV  V is going on??
    The Nashville numbering system provides the combination to unlock a song’s structure and easily change keys. We’ll touch on how to use this system to transpose a song to a key that fits your voice and favorite chords.

  • Decoding musical symbols
    If you run for the hills when you see musical notation, we’ll help you sort through the symbols to better understand to how to follow a song sheet and answer penetrating questions like "What do all those little squiggles mean?"

  • Find the beat, find the strum
    Listen for the beat and rhythm of a song to find the strumming pattern. We’ll show you how.

  • … and more! Once we lay the groundwork of understanding, we’ll open up the class to questions about music theory and essentials. Professor Jane will field your what - why - where - how questions!

WHEN: Sunday, April 10, 4:00-5:30 p.m. EST
WHERE: Zoom!
COST: $35

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