Music stores

Here are some local music stores where you can find ukuleles, accessories, and, of course, ukuleles! Here's a primer on how to choose a ukulele. Strap buttons should be installed by a knowledgeable and skilled luthier. I recommend Randolin and Guitar Sam (call first). Recycled Reading is also a good choice if you leave your uke with them for a few days.


  • RANDOLIN  215 College St., Burlington (kitty-corner from the Roxy Theater and upstairs) 651-0070. If you want work done (strap installed, etc.), call first to make sure owner Nowa Randall is in. He also has strings, straps, capos, tuners, and a sweet herd of ukuleles to play with while he’s working on yours. Strap button installation on the spot (call first!).

  • GUITAR SAM  71 Main St., Montpelier, 802-229-0295. Call first to make sure Kevin Crossett, the owner, is in for strap button installations, setups, etc. They have a great selection of instruments and accessories and are very helpful and knowledgeable. Strap button installation on the spot (call first!).

  • RECYCLED READING  in Bristol (owner’s name is Melissa) has a fabulous selection of ukes and accessories. She works with a luthier, so you’ll have to leave your uke with her for a few days if you want a strap button installed.

  • GUITAR CENTER (802-872-7627) in Maple Tree Place in Williston, near Starbucks. If you want work done, call first to see when their tech person is available - he's the only one who should do anything with your uke. They keep their ukes waaaaaaay up high and out of reach -- and ukuleles seem to be low on their priority for knowledge, sales, and service.

  • ONLINE The only place I recommend for getting a ukulele online, especially for beginners, is Mim's Ukes. On her website, you can see exactly which uke you're getting, plus she makes sure they're all set up properly before they go out the door. There are many badly made ukes out int he world that can take the ease and fun out of learning and playing. Give yourself the best chance at getting a good uke by trying local first, then Mim's. (I get no commission for purchases made through Mim's -- or any of the local shops, for that matter.)

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