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Cooperstand Ecco-G

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

An instrument stand that makes me and my instruments happy: It's sturdy, compact, and envy-inducing.

How do I heart my Cooperstand? Let me count the ways:

1. It's a looker. Folded up, it looks a bit like a lobster claw (I got the red one). Or a duckling with a Cleopatra beard. Partially opened up, a surprised goose. Completely opened up, a friendly crab from Finding Nemo.

2. It's sturdy and stable. I use the Ecco-G model for my ukuleles -- including the heavier banjolele -- as well as for my wicked-heavy dobro. Band and jam mates have used it for fiddles, mandolins, and guitars. The stand-up bass player has, rightly, only eyed the thing. It is as up to the rough-and-tumble mayhem of jams, festivals, stages, streets, and sidewalks as it is to the sad but cushy life of a rarely used instrument, standing forlornly in a corner, held at its most fetching angle by the Cooperstand.

3. It's easy to use. You can't really open it incorrectly. Granted, I probably open it a different way each time, but within seconds I've got it on the ground and an instrument happily installed. You simply tug on any of the parts and prepare to revel in its brilliant, simple design. To spike the landing, make sure the rear, kick-standish legs are doing their job and keep the squishy, padded side up to receive your instrument. There's even a quick YouTube video to show you how.

4. It's light and compact. I can tuck it into all of my ukulele gig bags (disclosure: except for that one really tight bag) and in my dobro case under the headstock (disclosure: I have a big dobro case), and in the small bag I use to carry my book of tunes and other gear. In its folded state, there aren't any sharp edges or prongy things that stick out and inspire fresh expletives as they catch on everything. It just slides in like a lucky charm. The Cooperstand website says it even fits in your back pocket. There's a look!

4. It's available in recycled material! Their Ecco-G model is made from recycled ABS plastic and of equal brawn to its cousins made of wood and virgin plastic. Also available in wood and a plastic version that glows -- now that's practical bling! No stumbling over that puppy on a dark stage or losing it when pulling an all-night field jam.


  • Inert silicon pads at contact points

  • Steel reinforced pivot point 

  • Durable ABS composite construction

  • Measures 8 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 1 3/8" closed

  • Has a 13" deep x 11" wide footprint

  • Two-position brace

  • Price: $29.00 (Sorry, no online orders - but you can contact me if you would like to arrange purchase, or I usually have them for sale at events, group lessons, etc.)



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