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The Secret to Easy Ukulele Chords

You can make ukulele chords more easily by changing the way you hold the uke.

Some chords are harder to make than others, but you can make most of them more easily by using your entire arm to make the chord -- from your shoulder to your fingertips.

Easier ukulele chords: It's all in the elbow

When I was first learning the Em chord, I had a lot of trouble with the unnatural angle of my fingers. When I finally looked past my fingers to my hand, wrist, and arm, I found that I could make that chord more easily by swinging my arm in or out: My elbow was against my ribs or moved outwards.

When I moved my elbow into my ribs and laid the uke across my palm (usually a no-no), all I had to do was curl my fingers and the fingertips were delivered to the fretboard in the stair-steppy formation that the Em chord needs.

Suddenly, the chord was easier to make.

Apply the elbow technique to other chords

I also had trouble with the D chord. I tried my new elbow in/out trick, and found that my fingers were delivered parallel to the fret, which is exactly what the chord calls for.

Find out more ways to make chords more easily

Want to learn more about this cool technique? Check out this YouTube video, which delves more deeply into how it all works, with more tips on learning how to learn.



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