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Bluegrass Pickin' Party

by Clare Innes
Clare (ukulele), Rebecca Padula (guitar)

Episode 1

Jambalaya, King of the Road, Five-Foot Two, Country Roads, Tiny Bubbles, Happy Trails.

I Shall Be Released

by Bob Dylan
Clare (tremolo harmonica) Rebecca Padula (tenor banjo)

Episode 2

Bare Necessities, Please Don't Bury Me, Across the Great Divide, I'll Fly Away, White Sandy Beach

The Garden Song

by Dave Mallett
Clare & Rebecca Padula (ukuleles)

Episode 3

Hey Good-Lookin', Bad Moon Rising, Trouble in Mind, On the Road Again

Ukulele Jumpstart

Learn the basics of strumming, tuning, making chords, and playing a song. 
"Coconut" song sheet.

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