General Store: Ukuleles, harmonicas & accessories

I offer ukuleles and accessories as well as harmonicas, mainly to enable my students to easily begin classes. The models I carry are solid basics that sound good while you're just learning and that you can continue growing with. They can also be lifelong companions. I still use my first starter-level uke for practice, teaching, and performing. There's no telling where your instrument of choice can take you.

We do things the old-fashioned way, like neighbors: Shoot me an email, let me know what you would like, and we'll work out how to get your goodies into your hands -- at a class or event, or otherwise.

UKULELES & ACCESSORIES (find package deals here)

Makala - wood - soprano.jpg

Kala Makala Classic
Soprano - $49.99

This small, dark, and handsome uke has a lovely tone and vintage look. Mahogany laminate body offers a sweet, mellow sound. Walnut fingerboard. Satin finish, Aquila Super Nylgut strings. 

CURRENT STOCK: 2 sopranos


Kala Makala Shark or Dolphin
Soprano - $49.99  //  Call for 

These fun ukes sound great and come in a wild array of colors. Call or email for Shark or Dolphin color availability (click the links to see color choices). Aquila Super Nylgut strings.
Current inventory:

Dolphin: Red*, Pearl White, Metalic Blue*, Purple (2 in stock)

Shark: Mako Blue (teal)

* $8 off purchase of rental stock!

Diamond Head 
Soprano - $42.00  |

These fun ukes sound great and come in a wild array of colors. Call or email for Shark or Dolphin color availability (click the links to see color choices). Aquila Super Nylgut strings.

Current colors:

Bubblegum Pink, Sunny Yellow, Earthy Brown



Add accessories to make it a breeze to tune, play, and maintain that sweet uke:

Snark tuner ST-8.png


A clip-on tuner is an essential accessory. Clip it on the headstock, turn it in, pluck a string, and you'll see what you need to do to get that string in tune.

Kala capo.png

Kala Capo

Is that song too high for your vocal range? Need to change keys but don't want to figure out the chords to match? This is the tool for you. It clips right onto the fingerboard.

Aquilla Ukulele Strings

Always keep a spare set with your uke - strings don't break often, or even need to be changed that often, but when the time comes, you don't want to be without a set.

gig bags trio-600px.png

Kala Gig Bags

Add some eye candy to your ukulele when you zip it up in this stylin' gig bag. Generous accessory pocket can easily swallow tuner, strings, capo, and, of course, your kazoo.

Blue pattern: 2 Concert size, 1 Soprano size
Floral pattern: 1 soprano size


cinnes ukulele.jpg

Private Lesson for Adults & Kids
$40.00/hour  |  Call for group rates

I'm happy to be an accessory to your ukulele journey! I come to your location in Burlington, Charlotte, Colchester, Essex, Essex Junction, Hinesburg, Huntington, Jericho, Richmond, Shelburne, St. George, Williston, or Winooski - or by Skype. Other towns may require an additional fee due to distance. Let's talk!

Hohner Translucent Group5-600px.png

Hohner Translucent 

These sweeties come in a rainbow of colors and are great for exploring the harmonica or just to have on hand on kayaking and hiking adventures, where you don't want to risk taking a more expensive model. Key of C.

Hohner Old Standby or Bluesband

Great starter harmonicas or an affordable upgrade from a plastic beginner harp. Key of C.

Hohner Big River-600px.png

Hohner Big River 

A fabulous intemediate harp that won't hold you back as you develop technique. Bending is easy and diffused air flow helps prevent you from damaging the reeds as you learn to control your sound. Plastic comb. Key of C.

Hohner Special 20-600px.png

Hohner Special 20

This professional-level harp packs a big sound, a sweet tone, and a serious bend. A favorite choice of your favorite artists - Blues Traveler, Bob Dylan, and myriad others. Plastic comb. Key of C.

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