Give the gift of a ukulele or harmonica lesson!

Launch a lifetime of discovery and fun when you give someone you care about an instrument or a lesson. You don't need to know anything about music theory or even consider yourself "musical" to have a lot of fun playing the ukulele or harmonica. All you need is a willingness to laugh and a song in your heart. 


There are several local music stores with a great selection of ukuleles and harmonicas. There's a small selection of ukuleles, accessories, and harmonicas in the Ukulele Clare General Store.


In my blog post, "How to Choose a Ukulele" I offer some great tips on finding the right uke for your recipient.


When you purchase a gift certificate for ukulele and harmonica lessons, I'll work -- and play! -- with you or your recipient to help you get started on your musical journey or help you learn what you need to help you venture even farther. Lessons are customized to meet your level, interests, and goals.

  • One-hour lessons: $40 each, at the location within about 30 minutes of Hinesburg, VT, which includes most of Chittenden County and a touch beyond. Travel charge may apply for more distant locations - let's talk!

  • Skype lessons available as well.


Let's get you started! Email UkuleleClare@gmail.com​ for more info.


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