"Plays well with others." Remember that evaluation from your kindergarten teacher? It's also an aspiration held dearly by just about anyone who has ever dreamed of picking up an instrument. It's an aspiration that turned me into a ukulele player, performer, and teacher. And a passable harmonica player. And spoon player, kazoo noodler ... and, most recently, a dobro player.
     In my 50s I began a gale-force musical obsession that I expect will keep me challenged and over-the-moon in love with exploring, being inspired, teaching, and goofing around, and, yes – playing well with others.

  • Sunday, August 30 – Ukulele Mini-Shenanigan at ... whaaaaaat? half-way up Mt. Mansfield? Yep! We'll be cheering on the crazy runners and cyclists who are participating in the annual Race to the Top of Vermont  - more details to come!

My beautiful friend Gabe Bass passed away in the spring of 2017. Into the Gabe-shaped hole in my life dropped his 1961 Dobro, thanks to the generosity of his family. I haven’t been able to keep my hands off this instrument since it came into my life. Now I’m gloriously lost in a rabbit hole of all things Dobro.

Other rabbit holes, like dishwashing, ukuleles, and such are definitely suffering … but the joy I felt when I found a lick to fit like a key in a lock to “Folsom Prison Blues” let loose a part of me I never even knew had been waiting in the wings. Thank you, Gabe.


I’ll post more as soon as I can tear my fingers away from that dobro.

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