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Ukulele Strum Rehab

See the calendar for dates, times, and locations of classes.

The strum is the heartbeat of a song. Without a steady beat, a song can easily go off the rails. If you're lacking confidence in your strum, or feel like it could use a tune-up, this lighthearted workshop will help you get your strum on track. A steady strum that responds to the elements of a song can really lift your playing off the page and help you move your playing forward. Learn how to hear the beat of a song and translate it through your ukulele. We'll explore a few strumming patterns and see how you can fit them into a song to add texture and drive.

We'll keep the chords and songs simple to better enable us to focus on the strum. You'll get more out of the class if you are able to maintain a basic strum and switch among A, Am, C, D, D7, Dm, E7, F, G, and G7 with relative ease -- but we'll have fun no matter what your level!

NOTE: This class is geared for adults. We do not cover baritone ukulele chords, though principles in this class readily translate to baritones. Contact me at if you're a lefty so we can talk about approaches.

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